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About Us

“As a Health Coach I take a closer look into my client’s lifestyle issues, identifying the barriers to change and putting strategies for self-care and working around busy schedules. Lifestyle modification is a first step toward success.’’

Hi, I am Olga Sultani, born and raised in Russia. I discovered sport and fitness at a very young age, when my parents sent me to sports school at age of 7. It was a multi-disciplinary school: running on track, playing team sports like  volleyball basketball and spending summers in sports camps. I took a break from sports after graduating from high school as I went to explore and learn about economics accounting and finance in Moscow State University of Commerce where I graduated with Honors.
My work brought me to Dubai and soon I find myself behind desk for long hours. I personally had developed back problems and my knees started to bother me from my past injuries. I was referred to a chiropractor at some point for physiotherapy.

It was time for me to change and I got into regular exercise and started changing my eating habits. I noticed that my energy levels went up, I didn’t feel tired and I could go through the day with less fatigue and accomplish far more then I used to.

I had my first daughter in 2007 and that’s exactly when I decided to take my passion for fitness into a profession. It took me a while to realize that being just active wasn’t enough to achieve optimum health. I went on studying various nutritional concepts, self-development techniques, yoga and meditation.

Nearly a decade later I am a mother of three wonderful girls, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Pilates Instructor.

I am very excited to share my passion with you.

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