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Health Screening

The Greatest Wealth is Health

Health Screening is the crucial first step for me to learn more about the client. It allows me to identify health conditions and risks factors, contraindicate certain types of activities, assure safety and effectiveness of exercise program. Almost everyone can engage in physical activity, given appropriate guidelines and modifications.
Here is the list of health conditions that may require physician clearance:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease ( atherosclerosis is the process of fatty deposits of cholesterol and calcium on the walls of the arteries- Coronary Artery Disease CAD)
  2. Hypertension ( high blood pressure is most prevalent among elderly but becoming more common in general population)
  3. Respiratory ( ability to provide enough oxygen for the increased demand of physical activity, Exercise Induced Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  4. Musculoskeletal injuries and other common conditions such as herniated discs, bursitis, arthritis, hernia.
  5. Metabolic disorders such as thyroid dysfunction, diabetes.
  6. Medication use such as Beta Blockers, Bronchodilators etc.
  7. Special population such as pregnant or post-surgery.

Fitness Assessment

Believe in Yourself

A fitness assessment and evaluation is the foundation of a well-designed fitness program. Through a fitness assessment we will know where we stand and where to go.

  • Cardio-respiratory efficiency ( YMCA 3 min Step test/ Ross Submaximal Treadmill)
  • Body composition (circumference, skinfold)
  • Flexibility (trunk flexion, hip flexion, shoulder flexion)
  • Muscular strength/ endurance ( push up test, half sit up, bench press test)

Assessment tests are easy to administer and gives relatively accurate data. By analyzing your preferences, habits, circumference and ability, we are able to create a specific plan to achieve personalized goals.

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