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Prenatal Fitness

A Healthy Outside Starts with Healthy Inside


Exercise during pregnancy can greatly benefit to relieve you from back pain, increase your energy, mood, posture and to prepare you for the demands of labour. Physical activity promotes muscles strength, endurance, joint and cardiovascular health. The level of your fitness during pregnancy will determine and attribute strongly to your postnatal recovery.

Body changes that affect your exercise ability?

Many hormonal and physical changes occur during pregnancy. Hormones released for joints to accommodate a growing baby make them more mobile and can put you at higher risk of injury. The extra weight gain during pregnancy shifts the center of gravity to the front, creating a forward pelvic tilt and putting stress on the back. As you approach your due date your growing chest can affect your upper back and create imbalance in posture.

Exercise safety during pregnancy?

Obtaining your physician’s/ OBGYN clearance is necessary before starting any exercise program while pregnant. Safety and injury prevention shall be made priority as certain body positions, the impact of the exercise, overheating can be risky for you and your baby.

Contact sports ( basketball, soccer), waterskiing, skiing, diving, horse back riding shall be avoided as they put you at greater risk. High impact aerobics, jumping, gymnastics increase the risk of falling and should be avoided. Supine position after first trimester should be avoided as it restricts the adequate blood flow to the baby. Exercising in a hot and humid environment can cause overheating and shall be avoided.

Choose your activity ?

  • Cardiovascular activities such as walking, aerobic class
  • Swimming is a great way to stay fit
  • Stationary cycling
  • Yoga
  • Prenatal classes


Exercising while pregnant is a choice, woman shall consider both the benefits and the risks associated with exercise. There is no format that would fit all when it comes to prenatal training and will depend on the woman’s needs and abilities.

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